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BGC and ME

Today, I celebrate my first month in BGC. Hurrraaaay! I am really happy because last year, it was only an errand thought. When we had our VC 137 presentation in our professor’s office, me and my two closest buddies in UP Maskom were discussing how BGC is a good place to work in—great atmosphere, visually … Continue reading

Essay / Non-Fiction


“Anong oras na sa’yo?” “11:16 po.” That was the only interaction that we’ve had for the past month that I’ve known you. Whenever you were around, either you were sleeping, preparing to sleep or preparing to leave. But that night wasn’t that special. I saw you arrive and go to bed without even changing your … Continue reading

Essay / Non-Fiction


My friends know that I love taking risks and being challenged. I am actually more afraid of flying cockroaches than facing extreme pressure and stress. But just recently, I discovered something disturbing that I was only suspecting months ago. At first, I thought it was for convenience’s sake. Then, when the excuse slowly faded, I … Continue reading