After a year of starting my professional career, I thought I would have a clearer path on what I want to be in the future.  I was wrong, so wrong.

I don’t why but lately, I want to do many things. Not that I am not doing anything, but I think they’re not enough. Currently, I am

  • Enrolled in a Social Media Marketing Crash Course
  • Enrolled in a Fashion Design Class
  • Consistently working out and jogging
  • Finding a sport to learn (most probably tennis… or boxing)

These, on top of my regular day job, and consultancy gig for PubCrawl Philippines. And oh, plus my teaching gig at Letran every weekends.

But I’m confused on my career path.

Currently, these are my options:

Law School

I think it’s because of Suit’s influence that revived my dream of being a lawyer. When I was still a kid, my ninongs called me atorni because they already predicted that I will be one someday. Although admittedly, I am not sure if I have the “attitude” and “discipline” to study law.

Digital Marketer:

This is a promising career for me since I have the training, and the work experience. But… it’s not as physically active as I want it to be. Since it’s digital, it’s office based. L But the challenge, is there. And the thing is, the growth and learning is infinite.

Fashion Designer:

I still want to join Project Runway Philippines! L Right now, I am still studying the basics. I am planning to launch my website, Reddesign.com that will help me document my journey toward the runway. Hehe. I am also planning to have a request page where people can request me to design garments and execute garments for them. My idea is, anyone can request a garment but he/she will be involved in the process. From the design, buying materials, patternmaking and actual construction.


I always wanted to be a teacher, swear. Ever since high school, I thought I would be a teacher one day.


I also want to take my MBA next school year. 😦

Media Practitioner

This. 😦 I also want to be part of the media force (more on the production side). The media industry is very challenging and stressful but at the same time, very rewarding in terms of growth and discovery. 😦

Get Married and Vanish

Hahaha. This is one of my crazy idea. One day, I will get married and will vanish from the society. Hehehehe. I just want to live in a farm where there’s not much technology so we can spend quality time together with our family. Simple life. Simple problems.

See. I want to do many things and to be honest, I think I have a very limited attention span. 😦 Just right now, before I finished this, I visited tons of other sites, totally unrelated to this. 😦

Any thoughts? Help me.


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