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Today is my day

Life doesn’t give you a day off. Even if it’s your birthday. You cannot just say “hey, today is my birthday” whenever you encounter inconveniences and stress caused by others. Remember, there are almost 7 Billion people in the world. And 19 million others celebrate their birthday the same as yours.

I realized this when I woke up this morning. The light was freaking bright and my roommates’ voices seemed to be amplified. But then I realized, what the heck, today is my day. Then, I heated up water because it was exceptionally cold this morning, but what the heck, I just thought nothing could wreck this day because today is my day. Just when I was about to pour the heated water into the pail, a cockroach flew straight to my right hand. What the heck, today is my day. I mustered all my concentration to not panic and to safely put the heated casserole to the sink. Then I freaked out.

On my way to work, I rode a jeepney. I was barely sitting and I couldn’t even move because I was afraid of falling. Then I forgot to pay my fare. The driver looked at me sternly, and then I realized my fault. But what the heck, nobody can wreck this day because today is my day.

The MRT was unusually spacious today. I got on without any problem at all. But when we arrived to the next station, I was pounded from every side, and the woman in front of me was stepping on my feet. It was painful, but her position was more severe so I let it pass. Besides, today is my day.

Going to BGC, the Market Market shuttles were nowhere to be found that stopped the ticket lady from selling tickets to the passengers. That’s why I decided to ride the EDSA Stopover Shuttle. But just after I bought my ticket and proceeded to the line, two market market shuttles came, just enough to accommodate those people in line who could have been me. But what the heck, today is my day.

I was fortunate to get a decent seat in the shuttle. But a lady stood in front of me, carrying bags that looked heavier than she is. She asked me, nicely, if I could let her seat. I immediately thought, but today is my day. But then again, being nice on your day isn’t really a bad thing.

When I arrived in the office, of course, I read the usual emails that I am used to receive now. As I’ve kept on repeating over and over again, nothing can wreck my day.

I was happily preparing my morning coffee, when my officemate told me that my another officemate would be absent. He was actually integral to my work and without him, half of my work can’t be done. I texted him, and I actually received a reply. But when I asked him an essential question, I received nothing. Up until now, I still couldn’t understand what was happening but what the heck, today is my day.

I proceeded doing my usual work. I was really energized to do my job that within three hours, I was able to accomplish most of them that gave me time to write my first ever food article that will be published online. It was great, I actually felt like I was a real journalist.

Then, I spent the whole afternoon in my second home, UP Diliman. I went to see my orgmates, and was really happy to know that we’ve made it to the NCR qualifiers for the TAYO Awards. But still, something pestered me with a crooked perspective and immaturity. But what the heck, today is my day.

Needless to say, the world won’t kneel before you even if it’s your birthday. But you can always choose to look the other way around. The euphoria of me celebrating my birthday was enough to control a sudden outburst of emotion. Although I hope I can do this more often, there are some instances that really merit an entropic reaction. But I still do hope that life would give us a day off. We have 365 days a year and all we are asking is just a day, 12 hours max. A day where everything is perfect, everything is going according to your plan, and everybody is so nice to you.

Today is my day. I am really happy and partially contented. I initially planned to celebrate this day alone, but I realized, there are some things that are better shared with others, even those you do not really know. Last year,  I wished for emotional stability, after the things that happened to me. But this year, I am asking for a direction. To lead me where I am needed and where I can flourish. This year, is an experiment for me. To finally discover what I will do for the rest of the years to come.

To everyone who shared a wonderful year with me, thank you. I hope a day will come that I can reciprocate the pleasure of being friends with you. 🙂

And this is the part where we cry and hug each other. Cheers!


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