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BGC and ME

Today, I celebrate my first month in BGC. Hurrraaaay! I am really happy because last year, it was only an errand thought. When we had our VC 137 presentation in our professor’s office, me and my two closest buddies in UP Maskom were discussing how BGC is a good place to work in—great atmosphere, visually pleasing landscape architecture and a classy, sophisticated feel. But I still can’t believe I am working here now. Although minus the tie I have been longing to wear, but who cares. At least I can freely wear my V-neck collection that I put together for a year.

So, to fully celebrate my monthsary here in BGC, I listed 5 accomplishments that I achieved.

  1. Contrary to the common perception of me when I was in college, I am relatively a good boy here. Being a “bitch” is the last thing my workmates will say about me. Hihi. But it was hard to keep my mouth shut! Seriously, there were times that I wanted to stab somebody with my pencil—in the eye. But of course, at least I learned how to control my emotions.
  2. It’s been almost a month since I last drank a carbonated drink. Hurray! Unlike before that whenever I go to Mercury Drug, MiniStop, 7-11 or any supermarket, I can hear all those softdrinks calling my name. Begging for me to get them from their lonely racks and free them. Because I have a soft spot for them, I usually give in. But now, I can finally tell them, enough is enough.
  3. I think, I am getting better with what I am doing. Fortunately, I have a good experience in leading a brigade last year so it is relatively easy to handle people now. Although before, I employ a very strict/professional technique, right now, I try to use the “idealist” style. I usually smile and say “keri lang yan,” when I actually wanted to say “asfdghj@#%$@%adsvfhj!” Lucky for me, my boss sees what I can do and I assume, he trusts me now.
  4. Related to my achievement number 1, before, being sarcastic is my second nature. But now, I just can’t make any sarcastic remark to anybody. Whenever I want to say something sarcastic, I end up shouting it, in my head. And it pays because it’s been a month in the office and I still haven’t had any fight/ serious argument. Hehe. An achievement indeed!
  5. I am now loving my work. Seriously. Although it is not what I really wanted, but I think this is a good place to start with. The experience and knowledge-loading is intense. The quality expected of me is high. I like the challenge of doing several tasks at once and at the same time, achieve the standards set by my boss. I use all the things I learned in my subjects every time I do a task. Although in a way, it is really far from what I imagined I will do in the future, but at least, this is a step closer to what I want.

There’s a sixth achievement, an irrelevant one. It’s been a month, since I felt the need to fall in love. And now I know I don’t have to. CHARRRR!

BGC is love. ❤


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