Three Days to Love (Part 3 of 5)

DAY 2: Franz

Shit, it is already way past twelve and I just reached home. I am a bit nauseated and I smell funny, well, disgusting actually. I never thought that drinking would have this effect on me. I originally planned to have a date with Jessie tonight but he wasn’t answering my calls. Hay, what would I expect? For a creative person like him, he will always have something to work on. Though I never really liked drinking alcohol, I went out with my friends just to have the courage to tell him to stop this stupidity. We’re not making things better. We are actually making our situation more complicated.

When I enter our apartment, I see him sleeping on the table. I realize he prepared dinner for us. Even the candles already reached half. Jeez, he really put effort and love on this. Instantly, I feel a sudden rush of emotion. I can’t explain what I am feeling. Seriously, what have I done. Now, all I want is to kiss him, hug him and say sorry for everything. I am kissing him on his right ear when he wakes up.

“Are you drunk?” he asked.

“A bit, we just celebrated because it was Chariz’s birthday. It was fun, I just missed you baby,” I said, while teasing him with my tongue licking his right ear.

He stops me from what I am doing. He takes a deep breath and say, “Something is bothering you, please, tell me.”

I start to cry. He knows me too well. He knows when something is bothering me—if I have problems, if I don’t feel well. He can even tell what my breath means. Shit, right now, he can sense that I am not really myself. I am such a mess. Woah, but… Argh… I want to tell him what I did tonight—what I am thinking, what I want to do, and why I decided to drink tonight. But oh, crap, it’s really difficult to let all your feelings out.

“I did something terrible to the person I love the most. I did something stupid. I really can’t bear to see you in agony. I hope you will forgive me. I am really sorry,” I said. I am really sorry for doing this when we could have make things easier, I thought.

“Do not worry, no matter what you do, I will always forgive you. You are the person I love the most. And I cannot bear seeing you in pain,” he said.

We kiss passionately and start undressing each other. God, I miss his body, I miss making love with him. My lips go from his lips, to his neck, and to his chest. He is moaning and enjoying what I am doing. My tongue is carefully tracing the contours of his body while my right hand is caressing his face. I can smell his perfume. It is invigorating as always. Oh, I remember it was two months since we last made love and it only lasted for less than fifteen minutes. Now I will make sure this will be memorable.

He kisses me the way I wanted to be kissed. Ooh, it tickles me every time he kisses me on the chest. He caresses my body, touching the spots I always wanted him to touch. He really knows how to satisfy me. Ahhh, this is the greatest I have ever felt. It is so amazing that everything passes by in a long slow blur. We reach the end with a blast. Whew, it was tiring yet more than satisfying. I lie beside him catching my breath. I hug him, and he gently taps my shoulder. I close my eyes and enter the sweetest dream of my life.

I wake up due to the sunlight touching my face. I know it was late in the morning. Then I realize he had to work. I start to wake him up.

“Wake up, it is already past 11am. Aren’t you going to work?”

He opens his eyes, and smiles. “No, let us enjoy this day together,” he answered.

My heart is filled with warmth. It is the first time since Christmas that we will spend the day together. Hurray! I am so excited that I forget to even brush my teeth before kissing him. I do not care what it feels like or what it tastes like. You know I am actually getting the hang of kissing without brushing our teeth. It is really great to know that now, we can give each other the time that we need.

I stand up and go to the bathroom. I am opening the shower when I hear him knocking on the door.

“Can I take a bath with you?” he said.

I open the door and he is there, naked. Don’t tempt me, I thought. I hold his hand and we both stay under the shower while kissing. We take things slowly. He scrubs my back while telling me some stories that happened in his office. He’s really funny, and spontaneous. He can talk all day long and you’ll never get bored. I never notice how we finished taking a bath and how we managed to put clothes on.

I am now looking my reflection on the mirror, with him hugging me from behind. Here we go again.

DAY 2: Jessie

We went to the mall to buy some supplies. But before we went to the grocery store, we visited our favorite pet shop. We were contented watching the animals through the transparent glass, giving each of them a name. Portia, a white Pomeranian was our first obsession. We always made sure to visit her every week until someone bought her. Right now, we were looking at a big golden retriever. I always wanted one because I thought, they were great companions. But he never liked a big dog because its poop was big and stinky.

That is another reason why I loved him. He was honest. He told of his feelings without hurting others. He cared for people. He couldn’t even hurt his enemies or tell any hurtful words. He had a close friend before who turned against him when Franz got a higher chance of winning a competition. That friend of him tried her best to sabotage what he prepared. Although he discovered what she had done, he chose to stay quiet and accept defeat. He would always say he would rather lose a competition than lose a friend. That is why, many people underestimated him. Many took advantage of him. But, he just kept them all by himself, and forgave them.

We went home early. We were excited to cook together. I prepared all the meat and he prepared all the vegetables. He was hopeless in peeling potatoes because almost a quarter of every piece was peeled and couldn’t finish cutting onions without his glasses on. While I was frying the chicken, I heard someone sniffing and I knew, he was not yet done chopping onions.

At last, after almost an hour of enduring the heat of the kitchen and the trying out condiments, we came up with cook fried chicken, stir-fried vegetable and beef stew. We were both happy with our creations and I was sure we would be eating well. He prepared the movie that we would be watching. It was nostalgic because these simple things were the ones that we have been missing for the past months. Due to the demands of our jobs, we focused more on how much we can earn and not how much we can give time to each other. I focused more on my dream to be the best and youngest creative director in my agency. I also did volunteer works. I focused more in teaching. Because I knew, even though I have a lot of responsibilities, he would always be behind me, supporting me.

He was my biggest supporter. He understood me more than my mother did. He knew my strengths, my weaknesses and how I could be better. He was usually hands-on during my presentations. He would go over my slides and point out mistakes and some hazy parts. He always looked at my proposals and suggested points for improvement. If I have enemies, he was always there even if I was the one who was wrong. He always told me not to hurt people but learn how to forgive them. He was always there in almost every aspect of my life since our relationship began.

We watched the movie as we dined but I was really watching him. I could see his eyes focused on the screen. I was amazed that I totally forgot his face when he got too excited. He had changed a lot and I never noticed. He looked older now, maybe because of the stress and pressure. Then, he caught me staring at him and he smiled.

I washed the dishes after we ate. He was insisting to do it but I told him to rest. He hugged me instead. I liked the smell of his breath, the texture of his face against my neck, and the pressure of his arms. I hoped this would last forever.

When we went to bed, he took something from his cabinet. It was the shirt that he bought a year ago from his trip abroad. It was too big for me that’s why he never gave it to me. But he wanted us to wear it together. “Just for tonight,” he said.

I could feel the warmth of his body. It was relaxing and at the same time, giving me a sensation that I could not describe. He hugged and kissed me passionately. I replied with the same intensity. I closed my eyes and whispered to him, “I love you very much, you are the best thing that happened to me.”

He caressed my hair and kissed me in my forehead, “I love you too, thank you for making me happy.”


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